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    In terms of quality ASUS is far better than Acer. The plastic chasis, spongy keyboard, high heat build up are negatives in that Acer.
    On the other hand the ASUS has aluminium body, chicklet keyboard and low heat emission.

    Thus ASUS is well worth the premium. Good luck!
  2. Main difference I see is 6gigs of ram vs 4 for the acer. So no, I don't think the price difference is worth it. But you should really Google both notebooks and read some reviews. A laptop that looks nice but has a terrible touchpad can lead to a bad experience. Trust me, I know this. reviews a ton of notebooks, also check
  3. couldn't really find reviews for the exact laptops but saw some reviews from laptops in the same series... both looked fine..

    the things that concern me are the 'Optimus technology' in the Asus laptop which seems to be giving people in the reviews issues.... forcing the laptop to use integrated over the dedicated graphics to save energy??

    as far as the acer goes im just worried about the keyboard/touchpad/screen/chassis(budget quality?) .. the spacing looked a little off to me and as perfectblue pointed out it is all plastic (although the review i saw said heat wasn't an issue)
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