Strange Small Icons.

On a computer at my work we had a blue screen error occur and when the com-puter came back up all of the icons had turned strande, like black purple squares, almost sort of inverted colors.

It only occurs on the small icons however, like in the startmenu and quicklaunch bar, the large icons appear normal. Does anyone know how to fix this.

S3 Trio 3D
Celeron 300A
Intel VX Motherboard.


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  1. Try deleting the ShellIconCache file which you should find located in the windows or winnt directory depending upon OS.
    Reboot and the file will be regenerated and hopefully your icons will be back to normal.
    If this doesn't work and you're on an NT based system, perhaps try re-applying the service pack
  2. Thanks for all your help it works perfectly now, thanks alot. :)

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