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Asus G50vt-x5 Boot Issues

Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
November 29, 2011 3:02:07 AM

I recently listed, and sold my Asus G50vt-X5 laptop on eBay, tonight however, when I should of been packing it in a box to ship in the morning, I instead was filing a refund through paypal. The client had requested a factory reset--I obliged, only to later find out that for some reason I was unable to reach the "system recovery" screen after pushing F9 a thousand times.

The question arises: did you delete your hidden partition? No. In fact, I used the partition to perform a similar reset two years ago after a massive infection, but maintained the partition's data, and up until a few hours ago, I could see the partition listed under "My computer," next to the C: and D: drives as "F: Recovery." (The data, and boot folders inside).

For some reason, I could never actually boot to that partition--much less, get past the option (and only option) of booting to regular old Windows Vista.

Now--I have a new issue, one which caused me ultimately to refund my client. Out of frustration and exhuastion, which one I'm not sure--or even what I did, not sure either--I may have altered the boot order, or BIOS settings in some way...after closing the BIOS menu, I was greeted with the familiar "Boom" and Republic of Gamer's splash twice, as well as a brief system check of the drivers---and then blackness.

No "Microsoft Windows," nothing...just blackness. I can still reach the BIOS by pushing F2, and I can still reach the boot order by pushing ESC after I power up, in addition--I can also still power on to the ExpressGate (linux Lite) OS, that shares space on the same HDD as Windows and the Recovery Partition--which makes me hopeful, that I haven't yet erased my copy of Windows Vista.

Does anyone have some insights as to what could at least, at the very least, get me back to the dead end of Vista--I may not be able to perform a factory restore (yet) but at least, I'd like to know that I can return to my old desktop...

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November 29, 2011 3:12:22 AM

Just to clarify in short:

It is a HDD issue, I've just dissembled and switched a Linux OS HDD with the current Windows Vista HDD having the problems, and the laptop booted perfectly. Took out the Fedora HDD and put the Vista HDD back in, and same thing "blackness."