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I am in the market for a new camera and I have narrowed my choices down to either the Kodak CX7430 or the HP Photosmart R607. Both of these fall under the $200 price point that I'm sticking with. Which of these cameras would be best for taking pictures like at family outings and occasional scenery shots? I will be printing mainly 4x6 and 5x7 with the occasional 8x10. Will these be able to give me good quality pictures with these sizes? Does anyone in here have any personal experience with either of these?

the main thing I am looking for is that the camera does not do 2 flashes when taking a picture(like my Pentax Optio 230). I wan't it to be user friendly and easily be able to put pictures on my computer.

Which of these 2 cameras would give me the best results for what I want? Does anyone have any suggestions for any other cameras in the $200 price range? Thanks in advance.

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  1. A Canon A85 or A95 would work really well for you. I am currently shooting with a Kodak DX7590, the rest of the family is using Canons (A60, A85, A910). I like the picture quality as much or more from their cameras compared to mine. I just wanted the 10x zoom, 5mp and PC Sync cord. Couldn't afford the more expensive Canon.
  2. I got some more money and found some other Cameras that look like they have better zoom and some better features. The 3 of them are the Kodak Easyshare z700, Nikon Coolpix 4800, and the Olympus Ultra Zoon c-765. For these 3 models are they user friendly and does any feature make one better than the other? Thanks for any help.
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