Gpu fan speed stuck at 100

Hey everyone. This is a recent problem i am having with windows 7, 7100 build. It started when i updated the nvidia driver to the most recent one, from nvidia's website and i got the driver for "windows 7 64-bit." Some info:
gpu = xfx gts 250
motherboard = abit ib9
windows 7 64bit, 7100 build

The Problem:
After windows starts, the fan is normal speed and you can not hear it. The temperature idles around 50c. When i start a game the temp starts increasing, and so does the fan speed. If you let the fan speed get up to full speed with the temp hovering around 75c, then close the game, the temp will drop to around 45c but the fan will stay at full speed. I have tried uninstalling the new driver and reinstalling a bunch of other drivers. I tried the one that came on the cd, ones straight from xfx's website, and slightly older versions from nvidia. Nothing helps. Also i already cleaned the gpu of dust.

Can anyone help me fix this problem? If more info is needed please tell me.

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  1. This is reproducable? Sounds like a bug with the driver - Best thing you can do is let nVidia know:
  2. Thanks for the reply scotteq.

    Yes this is reproducible, so much reproducible that i cant get it to not happen without reinstalling drivers.

    Here is more info i forgot to add, maybe it will help:
    When i get the fan stuck at full speed, if i reinstall ANY driver, the fan will kick back down to idle speed. Then when you play a game again and exit back to windows, the fan will be stuck at full speed again. In short, reinstalling the nvidia driver will reset the fan, but not fix it.
  3. Exactly the same Problem here. With Win7, XFX GT240, Nvidia driver: 195.62
    Reportet to Support from XFX.No answehre yet.....have anyone a solution?

    - GPUZ 0.3.8 don't show the right fan speed.... 8(
    - EVGA Precision Can't control the fan speed..(on Monitor it's change the speed,clock,memory, but nothing change on the Card.)
    -ntune/nvidia monitor can't read the fan speed
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