Forgotten Administrator Account Password

i am the administrator account holder and I changed my password and forgot to write it down now I cant log in
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  1. MacIntosh? Unix? Linux? Windows? Personal computer or work computer? Member of a domain? More information is needed.
  2. download hiren's boot cd assuming it windows since it's an acer laptop ;) or google bootable winnt pass reset... you should find something... basically you will boot into a linux environment and reset the password then reboot and voila you win
  3. i must be the only person on these forums that finds it suspicious when someone's first ever post is a thread-starter regarding circumventing a password on a laptop!
  4. Not at all, branden. I just ignore them.
  5. nothing you can't find with a google search...
  6. @op: use a password recovery cd. or try to guess it from the secret question or something. or reinstall windows after backing up the data on the windows drive.

    people, do not promote password bypassing/cracking.
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