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I am currently planning on building a new system. I'm getting a job soon and plan to work for 2-3 months in order to get around 600-800 dollars for hte parts I'll need. Specs for Reference(and to show off ;p):

Cheiftec Server Chasis
MSI K7N2-L with nForce2 chipset
AMD 2500+ Barton
Ti4800 Vid card
512 MB PC2700 Ram
128 PC2100 Ram(from old comp)
40 Gb HD
20Gb HD (from old comp and topic of this post)
Maybe a Audigy soundcard and CD burner.

Now, My question is, as you can see above I am takeing parts from my old comp to this new one. Of primary concern is that Hard Drive. It has my OS, Win98 SE on it. The queation is, if I were to take it from my old system, transplant it into the new one and boot the system up..will Win98 be able to handle that or will it just crash?

I still have 2 months to figure this out but it'd be nice to know now. I know enough about the hardware..but OS is another thing. LoL
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  1. If your old system uses a different mobo/chipset, vid card, etc. from the new system, then it's very likely that you won't boot into Win98 properly. Instead of spending painful hours on troubleshooting the not working devices, I suggest you do a clean installation of Windows on the new system.
  2. never seen one running perfect after transplant, less pain doing a quick format and start it over.

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  3. I figured as much. Just checking. See..i didn't want to have to go out and buy a new OS. Guess I will though now. lol
  4. Actually it's fairly straightforward. First copy the Win98 directory from the CD to a file on your hard drive, I prefer to name that file C:\Win98. Then copy the motherboard chipset drivers from CD to another file on your hard drive, such as C:\Drivers. Boot your old system into Safe mode and uninstall any drivers there that use an installation program. Then remove all devices from Device Manager without rebooting if prompted. When done, shut it off.

    Now install the new hardware and turn it on. When Windows boots it will detect new hardware and ask for the Win98 CD. Because the IDE driver isn't loaded yet, your CD won't appear, so direct it to the C:\Win98 directory I told you to make. Same with the drivers. Do all the prompted reboots, etc. Run any installation programs when you're finally into Windows.

    98% of the time that proceedure works. As an added stability measure, you can reinstall 98SE over your existing install by running Setup.exe from your C:\Win98 directory. You can do that from Windows, it will usually replace any corrupted files.

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  5. BTW, why would you need to buy a new OS? You obviously have one already, even if you format you can install it again! All you need is your CD and your key!

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