Is it wise to buy a ATI AIW 8500DV right now?

Hello, I currently have a ati radeon 8500le running on my xp1700. I want to purchase an AIW 8500DV(retail) for $179. Do you guys think prices will drop within the next few weeks because of the geforce fx?
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  1. The prices might drop some, but probably not more than $20.

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  2. thx
  3. I bought the ATI AIW 128 radeon from compusa back in Nov for $150. You just have to watch the advertisments.
  4. Damn, oh well I already bought the aiw8500dv. Was yours and aiw radeon 8500 ?
  5. Watcha planning to do with old 8500LE? Is it in good shape, if you're intertested in selling?
  6. Sorry already sold it
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