Help with RDP from work WinXPPro to home Win7Pro


As the title says I'm at work [win xp pro] attempting to mstsc my way to my home computer [win 7 pro].

As it stands:
Totally working, i can connect through my phone and all my friend's computers to my box using multiple ports that i've setup through reg and my router (specifically a few unique test ports and port 80 for work firewall purposes, i CAN browse the web at work).

From work though I'm having issues.

1. I really don't believe it's the port
2. Are there other admin tricks I'm unaware of... such as an "allow list" only, or rdp-flagged packets getting sifted out?
3. When i hit "browse for more," I DO see a list of RDP-enabled machines on the work network that i CAN connect to

My specific error:
Remote Desktop Disconnected

Right on, thanks people
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  1. J, do you have a firewall at work and are you sure you are going through it? I am not familiar with mstsc, but usually business firewalls wont' allow that type of communication in (and maybe not also out).
  2. oh there's definitely a firewall at work, which is why i setup my RDP server to use port 80.

    about allowed type of communication, they have their own network of RDP computers that I can connect to internally. I'm wondering if they are capable of specifically stopping RDP from connecting to externally addressed servers as that seems to be my problem.

    i.e. i can connect to their networked computers but not my own home pc
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