Panasonic cf 52: new ram, new ssd, new os, no boot


bought some new ram from corsair that ought to be compatible and indeed it ran on my system under an hdd with windows 7 pro 32 bit

then i got an ssd and could only install windows 7 using the old ram. when the new ram and the ssd are used together, i get a reboot cycle at the windows loading screen

really confused, sorry if this is poorly written

cf 52, i5 520m
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  1. Hello Rasharny;

    No idea what's happening either. Can your run Windows in Safe Mode?
  2. Did the SSD install instructions have you making any changes to the BIOS?
    Maybe switching from ATAPI to AHCI modes?
    What is the SATA mode storage setting in BIOS?
  3. Rasharny, it would help to have clearer and more detailed specs. Also, are you running with anything overclocked? CPU, GPU, RAM timings?

    Are you running old RAM + new RAM together, or did you replace the old RAM with the new Corsair RAM?
  4. WR2: No i cannot boot past "Windows is starting" screen in any mode
    i was running with AHCI before and also now

    arunphilip: 1 stick of factory ram allows me to boot with the hdd and windows 7 under 32 bit or the ssd and windows under 64 bit

    either 1 or 2 sticks of the new corsair ram was booting fine under hdd and windows 7 32 bit. but now nothing

    nothing is overclocked and i havent tried booting with mixed ram

    thank you guys for your concern
  5. Well tried a lot of different combinations and no luck.

    I think I'm going to rma the RAM and try to get something which will hopefully be more compatible
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