Radon 9700 Pro & Aux Power

I just got my Radon today and noticed that it needs the extra power. They want you to take the power from the hard drive. (the supelied spliter with a floppy type power clip). If your power supply has 2 floppy power clips does any one know why you could not just use that. Thx
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  1. I have the same question, I looked for a contact e-mail on the ati website, if I find an answer I will post it here. I would rather use the second floppy power connector for neatness sake. My only guess they make you use the power from the hdd is so you know you are using a good connector.
  2. Yes, you can use a floppy style drive power cable.

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  3. The power from the HDD? You mean the same cable that the HDD uses? I would use a floppy-connector direct from PSU, I´ve heard of problems when using the suplied cable.

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  4. You can use either one. They just include the splitter in case your PSU doesn't have an extra floppy, and say from the HDD because most people can identify that. My Y-Splitter on my 9500 is working fine.

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  5. The splitter cable is if you have used up all your power cables already...

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  6. Thx for the info.
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