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ok i have been moving around a HDD across some of my IDE channels and added another one temporayily.

xp would boot in a few seconds previously. but now the bootup takes ages. (i have not installed any programs and have removed all the extra HDD's. i have run it fine in the EXACT configuration it is in now)

infact i was runnig it perfectly this morning in this configuration.

now it takes ages to load windows. also the sound on login (you know the classic windows tune) is all stutery and mucked up.

i have had this problem in the past but RE-INSTALLED windows to solve it. since realising what casued this problem i know have come to the conclusion. that windows is trying to remember all my hardware setiings (even if they don't exist anymore) and is thinking i have all these HDD's around the place (where they are not)

now i want XP to forget about these things coz its pissing me off.

is this stuff in the registry and if so what would i delete.

geeze its just rediculus!!!

thanks for your answer

GA-8pe667 ultra 2
promise raid chip (perhaps faulty but hasn't posed a problem so far)
120 Gb Seagate HDD 7200
dvd drive
leadtek nvidia gf4 ti4200 128Mb

thats all
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  1. Use this tweak to enable all ghosted devices to be visible in the Device Manager when you choose "Show hidden devices" from the View menu.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Show/Conceal Hidden Devices in Device Manager</A>

    Or download the tweak <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. Double-click to install and add to the Registry.

    Delete items that are not attached to the computer, and will not be installed again.

    If this is actually your problem, the tweak will help. By default, Windows does not show <i>all</i> hidden devices without specifying this in the Registry or from the command line.


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  2. hey thanks for the reply

    but it didn't seem to do anything.

    Oh well.

    re-install time i think anless there is another problem going on with my compter!!!

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