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Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy my son a refurbished laptop and it s needs a decent graphics cards for 3D gaming. I know almost nothing about laptop graphics so I am looking for some help.

I looked at the Graphics Card Hierarchy, but can't find all of the cards I've come across listed there. Can you rank these cards in order of best to worst (all else being equal) with some indication of how much better/worse? Thank you!!

Radeon HD 6750M
Radeon 6370M
Nvidia GT 520M
Nvidia GeForce 310M
Nvidia GeForce GT 335M
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Between those,GTX 260M is the fastest followed by 6750M and 335.
    6370M/520M/310M are all low-end cards and not recommended for gaming
  2. Thanks! As an aside, are there any integrated graphics that are decent for gaming?
  3. The GTX 260M and 6750M should be about the same speed and will go back and forth speed wise depending on whether the game leans towards AMD or Nvidia.

    Otherwise follow the progression 335, 6370M/520M,310M.

    6750M(GDDR5), 260M(GDDR5)
    6750M(DDR3), 260M(DDR3)

    large gap


    smaller gap

    6370M/520M/310M (Its a graphics card category and may be slower or as fast as Intel HD3000...)

    EDIT: Here is a list of the best and worst Current Gen IGP's, As far as gaming goes AMD's A8 has by far the Best IGP for gaming likely placing it between the 6750M and GT 335M. As far as notes for the Chart below Each step in the chart is about 1 step on Toms graphics chart. A note though because of the speed of the CPU coupled with the AMD E series gaming is sometimes slower than what you would get if you were playing a game using with an HD3000. As such there is a CPU limitation in that case BUT the GPU (HD6310) is faster than the HD3000.

    IGP Chart

    AMD A8 Series (HD 6620G)
    AMD A6 Series (HD 6520G)
    AMD A4 Series (HD 6480G)
    AMD E2 Series (HD 6380G)
    AMD E Series (HD 6310)
    Intel HD3000 (inside Intel SB Core iX processors)
    Intel HD2000
  4. essessemm said:
    Thanks! As an aside, are there any integrated graphics that are decent for gaming?

    Not at all.IGP cards are the worst cards for gaming
  5. Awesome! Thanks for all of the help guys - perfect
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