Strange things afoot with R8500 Pro

For the last 6 months now, every so often when I browse the web and scroll down with my intellimouse, the screen corrupts, with kind of like zig zags down the screen. It's the same everytime it happens. Only happens when I use the wheel to scroll.

It happenned on my previous mobo too, and it's had a complete rebuild since then. I've upgraded to the latest catalyst drivers, mobo drivers and flashed the bios, yet it still happens.

It really aggravates me, as it usually happens when I'm onto a really good site, and I have to damn well reboot.

Apart from this, the card is great, but when it happens, I really want to rip it out and smash it up the wall. It's a tad extreme, but I'm thinking of getting a new card just to cure it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I had the same "type" of issue when I owned the 8500 for the short while that I did.

    I would do the scrolling thing, like you mentioned, and at any given moment I might move one notch, and the text from the bottom of the screen would then overlap and bleed onto the text I was trying to scroll down to. Like it was cut in half.

    Another oddity with that card was icons "ghosting" or leaving a copy of itself on the desktop when I was accidentally move one. It'd be a piece or a whole image of that icon still sitting there. It'd go away when you moved another icon on top of it, like you are erasing it.

    Anyway. My system was/is pretty current, and I looked all over for a similar issue/issues with that videocard/configuration and never found much.

    I did find that whole desktop issue but it was related to 98, not XP.

    Anyway, I own a ti4200 now :) Never have the problem, and the beformance is just a lilbetter than the 8500.

    Good Luck

    <b>If it aint broke, then hell, you aint looking at it in the right frame of mind!</b>
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