DELL Latitude D610 wont power up

I recently received a DELL Latitude D610. It won't power up. The 3 lock-looking lights on come on for a second or two then the machine turns off. It does this with or with out the battery. The AC adapter light is green when plugged in.
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  1. If it's not the power supply, it's probably the motherboard. HP DV6000 series have the same issue.
  2. So the MB is toast?
  3. Thunder2000 said:
    So the MB is toast?

    If you tried another power adapter, probably. Unless the battery is fully dead and the charger port on the laptop is also bad.

    Sometimes a bios reset may fix things, rare though for that to work, but I have gotten some laptops working at least for a bit by doing that. Need to pull the CMOS battery for 15 or so seconds with the power and battery out.
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