Help with Radeon 9700 Pro?

I bought a Radeon 9700 Pro for myself as a X-Mas present.

I am wondering what configurations will work the best for it. I realize that's a pretty open ended question but
I'm specifically wondering how to enable anti-aliasing?
I have a 4x AGP mobo.

Any other helpful settings or tweaks you guys
have would also be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Anti-Aliasing can usually be found in display settings under advanced. I think it can also be set in some games.

    BTW: Nice X-Mas gift to self.



    It may say I'm a NOOB but I've been hiding in the shadows @ THG since 97.
  2. Seeing as I bought one fer meself too I know how you feel,
    If you got the boxed one it should have software to take care of that. If its OEM there are some nice tools on the net I've heard of but never used
  3. Display Properties, Settings, Advanced Button... 2 Tabs, Direct3D & Open GL, check the customs box & then move the sliders to as you want...

    Note games like Neverwinter nights has a AA slider in display settings, others do as well but depends on how new the game is...

    is it summer already ??? oh, its just the heat haze coming off my PC...
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