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received my new geforce4 from msi about two weeks ago and have been plagued with problems since installing it. the only clues i get as to the problem are the monitor killing the signal with a high frequency warning, and the system locking up. i've tried msi's drivers, nvidia's default drivers, different directx versions, switching to windows's default monitor modes, and even the minimum refresh rates to no avail. the kicker is that the problem occurs any time...running ghost recon, firearms, aoe2, browsing the web, or just plain operations in win2k, it doesn't seem to matter. i was beginning to think that it was some arcane hardware conflict in my system except another guy i know also got the ti4600 from msi as well and is experiencing system lockups as well (other than the card our systems only have win2k and an audigy card in common). i've got no solution for this one and would appreciate any help towards a solution.
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  1. What card did you have in there before? Going from a GF2 or GF3 to a GF4 is a big power step and could have overloaded your Power Supply Unit. Check on its casing to see what wattage it is, also it would be useful to know the rest of your system specifications.

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  2. originally a matrox g400. power isn't a problem...i thought about that after the 4th or 5th crash when drivers didn't work, but after removing the second hard drive, burner, and dvd the problem still existed.
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