Virus quarantined, what now?

so i ran a virus scan using
symantic endpointprotection and it says i have 8 viruses. 2 say downloader and the other 6 are trojan horse. all of them are quarantined and i restarted my laptop as instructed. is there anything else i need to do after that?
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  1. I am not familiar with that scanner, but usually "quarantined" means the program has already deleted the virus. If not, have he program delete them (don't try to find them and do it yourself).
    Then, run another scanner, I suggest Malwarebytes. If you had 8, you might have more and it is good to run a second (and maybe third) checks.
    Were you using a resident anti virus program? You should. Basic protection can be obtained with Microsoft Security Essentials.
    Good luck
  2. If you have qurantine virus, you just delete that qurantine folde.
    I am using Kaspersky antivirus. By default, Kaspersky will automatically quarantine any viruses or infected files it finds.
  3. download MalWareBytes( it's free) and run mbam.exe
  4. I agree with all the posters been using Malwarebytes for a couple of years now.
    I would suggest you install MSE at some point for its ease of use and operation.
    I'm quite impressed with it so far.
  5. When an infected file is moved by your anti-virus program to quarantine it is taken from your system and put in a place where it can do no more harm to your computer.

    Generally speaking, you can delete any infected files from your anti-virus quarantine without much worry. Obviously you don't want to restore any virus files back into your system.

    Quarantine is mostly used to isolate the virus for further study. Some anti-virus programs let you send the virus safely to the anti-virus software company so they can record it and use it to enhance their program. They can also be used as a record of a computer's virus history.
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