Help! I'm desprate

MSI 6309 Lite
Pentium 3 600MHz
320 MB RAM
Inno3D TNT2 M64, 32MB, AGP
Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

I bought an ATi Radeon 9000, 64MB DDR memory with TV-out. The card is assembled by a Korean manufacture CyCloTron, but the card is Built By ATI.
Previously I have uninstalled Detonator 12.41 drivers and shut down the computer, removed the TNT2 and put the Radeon 9000 and that¡¦s when all hell begins:
when Win2k are starting, the screen is fuzzy, with little dots, various lines , in one word: disgusting. ƒ¼
Now, I¡¦ve flashed the BIOS (to version 3.8), still no change. I tried to go to safe mode, still the same¡Kfuzzy screen¡K
Oh, by the¡KFormat C: and freshly installed system didn¡¦t help either¡K ƒ¼
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  1. The detonator drivers are for Nvidia cards only
  2. REAAAAAAALY!? don't you think I know that...?
    I said I've UNINSTALLED detonator drivers before putting the radeon inside the computer...
  3. Sorry about the misunderstanding, that will teach me to read the questions properly,sorry.
  4. you must format the partition with the OS becouse nVidia-s drivers left (even if he is uninstaled) some files in registry and then ATi drivers have some problems!!!
  5. i have the newest detonators installed, as well as the newest catalists (the drivers for ati cards, hehe). on the same win2000 installation.

    when i plug in the gf2mx i have, i have it with the detonator running, when i plug in the radeon9700pro i have, i have it with the catalist running. guess what? they _DONT_ interfer with eachother..

    how fuzzy is fuzzy? you will run at 640x480 with 8bit paletised colors, that does look crap indeed. but you do see windows? or you can't boot with it? if you get into windows, just install the newest catalists for your card..

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  6. did success...
  7. quote: how fuzzy is fuzzy? you will run at 640x480 with 8bit paletised colors, that does look crap indeed. but you do see windows? or you can't boot with it? /quote

    fuzzy is when you get hundreds of lines across you screen, and you can't see [-peep-]! :) and gets blocked during the boot up.
  8. Sounds to me like it's the monitor not having the res. What monitor are you using? Takes a pretty good monitor to run such a card.

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  9. Hewlett Packard Ultra VGA 1280 17"
    I've also tried the card with Comapaq Presario 150 15"
    same thing=fuzzy screen!
  10. I had the same problems.. Solution for me was:
    Right click desk top:
    Settings tab
    Advanced tab
    Display tab
    Monitor tab
    Advanced tab

    Fixed it for me .. hope it helps
  11. W H A T!? :)
    I don't have those options. If you're reffering to ATi drivers...I said that I can't get into windows with the ATI card in the computer (now I'm using my old TNT2).
  12. K for one, try this make sure the card itself isn't bad, there has been some cases of ti4600's that display purple dots and stuff.. really weird or lines in the screen, usually caused by a bad card. Take it back if all else fails and try to see if the new replacement u get fixes it =)
  13. How powerful is your source?
    Maybe you don't have enough power.
  14. Here's the deal, it IS the card! I once bought a card with the same problems as you have expressed and the bottom line is that I returned it, got a new one, and everything was fine. Ask the guys you bought it from to give you another one. If they deny that it is faulty, ask to seem them test it. If they don't have the same problems my name isn't Tom!

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  15. WON'T believe this!
    Today, I tried this card in friend's Athlon XP 1700+ and it worked!!! This next is even better:
    His card (ATi Radeon 9000 but with 128MB RAM) WORKS IN MINE COMP!!!
    So...mine works in his, his works in mine, but mine DOESN'T work in my comp. this is ironic... :))
    It's probably clashing with MSI 6309Lite... that's the only logical explanation.
  16. Ahh. 6309 huh? Try this.. go into your bios and make sure that AGP is set to 2X and not 4X. That board has the KT 133 chiset in it. I know that is says that it has the abilty for 4X but it dosent. May be that will help with the conflicting mobo and video card. I have one of those boards in my wifes computer with a 700 coppermine. Good luck. Take care.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
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