exe is stop working for games for windows 7

i installed some games in my system i am using genuine windows 7 home pre
but when ever i m running the game after black screen it showing .exe is stop working
this massage is showing after launching every game.
pls help me out in this what i have to do.
thanking you
my mail id is sahil_y2k@hotmail.com
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  1. Sahil, can you give an example of what game? Are you using Windows 7 32 or 64 bits? Are the games good for 32 only or also 64 bits?
  2. do you have the newest drivers for your video card, do you have a good AntiVirus program, have you run a scan of the drives for viruses
  3. 1. Right click on the game exe file and "Run as Administrator"
    2. Right click on the game exe file and "Troubleshoot compatibility". Then select the Windows version. Try with all given options.
    3. Download and install Windows XP Mode from Microsoft Site. It's actualy Microsoft Virtual PC with Windows XP Pre-installed VM. In that you can install games and play from Windows 7. No need to run Virtual PC to play the games.
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