Registry Corrupted & Can't boot to Safe Mode HELP

I made a tweak to my Win XP home registry which killed my system and now it won't boot at all. Even if I try safe mode F8 I get a blue screen that says "Registry_Error". I did backup the registry before making the changes that caused this problem. Anyone know how I can access safe mode to repair my goof or some other way to fix this problem. I found some info on using the Recovery Console, but I'm hoping to find a better solution from you guys.

As Always Thanks for the Help
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  2. Toey,

    Thanks for the help but now i found that even the recovery console crashes to the same BSOD. I guess I'll have to reinstall.

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  3. No wait don't format the drive, set to boot from the CDROM, load the CD and begin the boot process, when it gets all the info loaded to boot, you come to a selection screen with the options to repair, being one of the selections use the repair option, take the disk out and let it boot normally.

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  4. 4ryan6
    Thanks for the reply ! I did try what youre saying to boot from the XP CD. It would never reach the point to repair the installation. It would only get as far as the choice of using the recovery console or begin install of XP. Either choice would crash to the same BSOD. So I reformatted and reinstalled XP all is fine now! Next time I try tweaking the registry rather than just exporting the registry to a backup file, I'll Ghost the partition FIRST !!! Live & Learn
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