gf4 ti 4200 or radeon 9500?

Decided to upgrade my radeon 9000 coz it is a little underpowered.
Should i get an inno3d GF4 Ti-4200 128Mb for £119 ($191) inc. postage
or a Sapphire Radeon 9500 (NON PRO) 128Mb for £141 ($226) inc. postage
Prices may seem high to those of you in the us but that is the uk for you.
I know the Radeon is better but is it so much better as to be worth the extra? coz i would rather not spend it but if it is so much better i would.
Any other recommendations of cards in this price range would be much appreciated.

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  1. Dude please don't get either.

    Check out or or

    They've all got radeon 9500pros in at the mo.

    Cheapest is £146.54.

    The 9500pro is a much better card that the two your after and its only a little more.

    Check out toms review of the 9500 in the graphics section and other posts regarding the 9500pro in this forum.

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  2. Cheers for the heads-up man.I've gone for that connect 3d 9500 pro.Never heard of connect 3d but it's not like there is any room for difference between each 9500 pro.Free delivery too.Bargain.Thanks again mate.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  3. NO GET THE SAPPHIRE 128BIT 9500 NON PRO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What if it's 64MB? Or does the Sapphire ones all come with 128MB?

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