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Hello. I would buy a desktop but I have no room, and my laptop I have right now is starting to die; I need it for work BUT I want one that has modern day butt kicking power in all ranges of the word Gaming for a budget price. My budget for this beast is 700 to somewhere in the 900 dollar range. I am currently drooling over the ASUS G74SX series which is their latest gaming Portable Computer and I would like to know if I could get a more powerful one within my budget range, or if there are any deals from newegg or from another maufacturer's website. I will not spend a grand.

I need the fastest Drive, best graphics card, largest amount of space; a true to the word gaming Portable computer for within my budget range. I need this beast to survive several years of feeding off of modern games in DX11 and what not. haha. You all get the idea, help is extremely appreciated.

Also I would like to know if you can special order better CPU's and graphics cards from the maufacturer for the current chipset of the laptop, to install upon arrival at home.

If it helps, I will be playing WoW on it, Everquest 2 maybe, SWToR, Skyrim, Starcraft 2, Crysis, Crysis 2, Metro 2033. Highest settings possible. :)
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  1. A 900$ laptop won't be able to play Skyrim, Crysis 1&2 and Metro 2033 on highest settings. Not even close.

    Get the Asus one, they always have best bang for the buck laptops, but get a 15" version. If you have the space for a 17" cement brick, you have space for an actual desktop.
  2. then what are the settings that it could be set at? and if I was able to drop 1,200 dollars on the best one for that price, what Gaming laptop would it be?
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