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I got a great deal on Windows 7 ultimate and I want to install it on my system in a dual boot configuration with Win XP pro SP3. I have two 500 GB HDD's, 1 partitioned in to a C: drive and toher other partitioned in to my F: and G: drives, F: is where I store copies of the files I use when I do a clean install and the G drive is where I store copies of my backups.

I was thinking of moving the backup files to F: and then using the G; drive to install windows 7 ultimate so I can screw around with it, configure it and learn about it while I still have my computer running on WIn XP pro SP3. I've already run the Windows 7 upgrade advicor and my system passed so it will run the software with no problems I'm just wondering if the dual boot will work like I described here? Is there anything else i should be aware of before I take the leap to Windows 7 ultimate?

I only use my system for some web browsing and playing MMO's, it'a n AMD system if that matters?

thanks for the replies!
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  1. alazer
    Yes, it should work. I have seen several people with dual boot problems here but usually when you try to install XP after Win7
    I recommend you take a close look at this tutorial, it explains in detail what you should do.[3]=Installation%20and%20Setup
  2. Thanks for the help. Anyone else out there have anything else they can add to this? i can use all the help i can get. As usual i have multiple threads going on this site while trying to get help in several different areas!\
  3. Wallyinnc nailed it, good solid advice
  4. Thank you, Sir! :)
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