440BX chipset + AGP

I have an old PC with a PII@350 on a 440BX motherboard and I was thinking about upgrading the video card:
is it possible to use the new ATI9500 (AGP 8x) with this configuration?
I know the mainboard is only AGP 1x/2x but if it work I could just buy the graphic card now and later (when I got the money) the new processor+mainboard.
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  1. The Radeon 9500 Pro wont work in it. AGP is only backwords compatible with one generation behind. The only cards you cant use are AGP 4x/8x cards. If you try putting the card in you are probably going to burn it because of the different voltage. An AGP 1x/2x and 4x only card will work in your computer. Sorry.
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