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Dell laptop inspiron 1150 black screen problems

Last response: in Laptop Tech Support
December 3, 2011 4:52:46 PM

Been reading in here & hopefully looking for solution- tried the battery "trick" started to get the bios screen, got half way through and it froze....
I can hear the motor running..... before that and now all I get is jsut a black screen.....
a b D Laptop
December 3, 2011 5:20:33 PM

you haven't given a whole lot of info here. All I can gather is that you're getting blank screen

check if it's a backlight issue by shining a flashlight at the screen.

check if it's the screen problem by connecting an external monitor

if external monitor doesn't work too, then you got a hardware problem on mobo/gpu
December 10, 2011 2:02:22 PM

Sorry about lack if info. sometimes it hard to tell relevant/ non relevant info when dealing with technology :)  So- When press the start button- the three lights at the top, the ones I call 'start- up lights' (this is a dell laptop) do not blink on. I have tried the- pull battery, hold start button, then plug in external power cord- when this happens the most progress I get is half way through the start page, where it says Dell & the bios bar starts to fill- When trying to connect to another monitor- nothing happens--- Now this is all with the screen-- When I put ear to key board- I can hear- what i am thinking is the fan, and it is running- but I cannot tell for sure cause I am chicken ( just know enough to take screws out, then lost) in tearing back of laptop off- This computer was bought in '04- so would not be surprised if it was something more mechanical. But what would it be??? I have used most of the available memory on the computer- all 27 gigs of it- recovered about 2 by compressing old files, and deleting unused files- Now- I did try to play some HD movies and I know that my computer has not been updated enough to play those... also when everything started to go wrong with.... If this is a hardware issue- would it be something that I can fix myself (with proper instructions :)  ) or do I really need to take it in???