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I have compaq presario F700 notebook pc. Today I was transfering some files from a video cd to my computer when suddenly it hang up and the screen turned white I waited for some time but there was no change so I removed the batery and replaced ot back and started it again. Then I opened the files that I had transfered and after some time the screen went white again and I removed the battery again but this it refused to start. The power has light which comes and goes but the screen is black. what should I do?
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  1. if you have a desktop computer, plug the laptop into the monitor to rule out lcd, inverter/cables. if nothing comes up on the external monitor im gonna want to say check the ram, try one stick at a time, and remember to discharge any static electricity before you touch them. if you can still not single out the problem, it is likely your video chipset and/or mobo is failing.
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