Laptop crashing every 20 mins to 4 hrs

hi guys, i am using acer 4740 core i3 2gb ram.
intially it worked fine for a year but recently it has started crashing whenever i download any movie/ play any movie or any game like NFS.
please help me as it is troubling me very often


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  1. Check temperatures. Speedfan or something like MSI Afterburner'll give you readouts. My guess is that for some reason you're overheating badly.
  2. i really dont know how to check it but i am working in an environment where 18 degrees is maintained . shud i get it checked by service centre
  3. Get one of the two applications I've mentioned above.
    Speedfan's probably a little easier to use.
    Do one of the things that makes it crash while watching the GPU temperature in either application. If it goes over 75C, it's probably the cause of the crash. Check the CPU temperature as well: if it's over 65 or 70, it could also be the culprit.
    It's nice that the ambient temperature is so low, but that doesn't rule out an overheating processor or GPU.
  4. Thanks friend i have downloaded and i am really amazed that the core temperature are soaring to 72 degree. please tell me what to do?
    Core1= 69C
    please help me with this. the moment i tried playing NFS it went up 89C and crashed.
  5. Ah. There's your problem. It's probably clogged with dust; see if you can unscrew any bits and find the clog. You may be able to remove quite a bit at the input/exhaust ports with tweezers, less invasively.
  6. thanks, today i took it to a service centre and the fan was the problem creator. so replaced the new fan and now the temperature is not going beyond 59. thanks for your guidance.
  7. Excellent.
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