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Gaming laptops in india within Rs. 50000

I am a hardcore gamer and I want a laptop that'll satisfy the following criteria:
1. Within Rs.55000
2. GDDR5 graphics card (GT560m or 555m or ATI Radeon 6770m)
3. Screen size >= 15"

Please suggest some options other than the HP Dv6 6121TX. Thank you.
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  1. And most of my favourite laptops in this category aren't there in India
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    No I think. As far as I know a lot of Indians take laptops from US through family or friends. If you account for the shipping charges + taxes, you will end up with $700-800 dollars on you $1100 budget, at which you wont get a new gaming laptop suiting your requirement. Let me know if you find one. I shall update my knowledge on laptop prices on that part of the world.
  3. I know. Thanks anyway.
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