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Good gaming laptop that can work with swtor

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December 4, 2011 6:09:04 AM

Hello I intend to get a laptop because i am moving a lot can cant bring the desktop with me everywhere so i have to get a laptop even though they are not the best for games so lets discuss my options and not why laptops have issues with games, heating issues etc

Generally i want it to play swtor as good as possible and maybe be able to
I have no interested in graphic games like crisis etc or newer games so the main uses of the pc will be internet/school/old games/swtor and maybe some new games like mass effect 3. So i dont need to worry if it gets outdated very soon as long as i can play swtor at high settings without any fps issue or graphic issue and can play some newer games without fps issues at low settings at least.

The amount i can spend on it is somewhere around 1000 so I would really like suggestions from experts since if i go alone i ll probably get a crappy expensive computer since there are 123721 gaming laptop sites...

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December 4, 2011 11:05:56 PM

Pumping and adding some information that hopefully can help

1. The budget should be somewhere around 1000$, a little up or down

2. Size should be medium to big, nothing very small

3. I would prefer if it had good battery life so it can survive 3-5 hours of games

4. I ll be playing games on it, mainly swtor at max settings and without any fps issue. Other games could be global agenda, mass effect 2 at medium-high settings as long as fps work well. Then its older games so i doubt there is going to be a problem

5. Only other use would be internet, videos, writting, very little photoshopping and video editing.

6. hard drive space should be around 300-500gb

7. I dont really care if it gets outdated very fast since i have little interest in playing most new graphic games, i will be fine as long as it can play few newer games and low/medium to keep up good fps. But i do want it to love for some years without technical issues.

8. Currently living in california san diego but i will be moving to greece in one month so i would like to get some suggestions fast so i could buy something from here