Hello, I have a compaq presario F755US notebook PC that has refused to start. The problem started when I was transferring some video files from a CD-ROM to my laptop when it suddenly hanged up due to overload of instructions and the screen turned white. I waited for sometime for it to recover but in vain so I tried to put it off either but it wont shut down that is when I got so desperate and I removed the battery while it is in operation. I put it on again when I had replaced the battery back again.It booted well but the problem occurred again when I opened one of the files I had extracted from the CD, the screen went white again and it hang up. To resolve this I removed the battery again to put it off and replaced it back. This time it refused to restart, the ON button light comes and goes, it tries to read the HDD but doesnt work out the screen remains black like when it is off. When I press F10 the power light stabalises, the fun runs, the DVD drive shows the green light but the screen remains black without anything.

These are the solutions I have tried but to no avail:
1. removing the RAM and replacing it back
2. resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery and replacing it back
3. removing the battery from the laptop, disconnecting it from AC supply, holding the start button for 30 seconds then putting it on AC supply without the battery and the trying to start it
4. continuous removal and replacement of battery

Guys this problem is giving me a headache please help I have loads of work to finish before midweek.
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  1. Have you tried to repair the OS with the Windows installation disc or perhaps the system restore option?
  2. Yes I tried, but stil doesnt work out
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