Radeon 7500 vs Geforce MX440


I'm currently using a Radeon 7500 video card with 64mb DDR and I'd very much like to upgrade soon.

I've been considering the Nvidia Geforce 4 MX440, and since I have no experience with the card I'd like to hear some of your opinions. Will I notice a drastic a change in performance over the Radeon? What other cards would you recommend for someone on a budget?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen "Skeletor" Laughlin
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  1. You won't see a large increase in performance by going to an MX440. In some cases, the 7500 will be faster. What are your system specs and what is your budget for a video card? If you let us know, we can help you better.
  2. Soyo SY-7VCA motherboard
    800mhz Pentium III CPU
    256mb RAM
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! soundcard.

    My budget for a video card is ideally below $100, with a maximum of about $150. I'll be using it first and foremost for the purposes of playing games. I don't watch DVDs on my PC, and I don't really have a need for TV-in or out, or any gizmos of that sort.
  3. With that kind of budget, I'd get a GF4 Ti4200...
  4. The Radeon DDR went head to head with the GeForce2 GTS, I think the 7500 is quite a step up for the old Radeon DDR core, while the MX440 has little if anything over the GTS it's based on.

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  5. very true

    the 7500 radeon unfortunately underrated. its got quite a wallop to it, considering its age and class...

    if i were to buy an older card (pre DX.8) that would be the one...

    tho i hear the gf4 mx460 is pretty fast, comparable to the gf3ti200 in terms of speed (it lacking dx8 also)
  6. Get the radeon 8500 275/275, around $90, or try to get a radeon 8500le 250/250, around $70. They both are direct x 8 support and will outperform any g4 mx series.
  7. I remember how excited everyone was when the Radeon DDR went from 183/183 to 200/200. It was a phenominal card at the time, it could match the GTS in DX7 benchmarks and beat it in DX8 benchmarks. Now that card comes as the 7500, with various speeds on OEM cards and the retail DDR card at 274/230 (275/DDR460), it really packs a punch! Too bad there are SDR versions also floating around with PC166 SDRAM onboard also. You can get a great DDR card or an SDR lemon, let the buyer beware (make certain you know what you're getting before you pay for it)!

    I STILL run the Radeon LE DDR TVO and get great framerates in medium-high detail at 1024x768 with the latest games.

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  8. Get Radeon 8500 (non-LE). It should cost less than $100.

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  9. I would look at the Radeon 8500 (not LE). That should be within your budget.

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  10. Your other hardware would be limiting, so the R7500 should be good enough. A MX440 would be going either to the same thing/slightly less, so not a good idea. A R8500 would be bottlenecked. If you really want DX8, then get a R8500 cheap somewhere. Try to get a 275/275 clocked card.

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  11. Hello people of 2003, I have a GF4 MX 440 and let me warn you that games work terribly on it. :fou:
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