Help me find a good priced powerful laptop.

I'm looking for a laptop capable of running demanding applications such as 3Ds Max, Mudbox, Photoshop, Unreal Development Kit etc. I will be using the laptop for video game development, photo editing and graphic design when away from my desktop. I don't wish to spend more than £800.

I found one on that I'm considering at the moment{laptop}%2bc{420}%2bc{3226}%2bc{3227}%2bae207{600-899.99}%2b&urlrefer=search

It seems to have a resonable graphics card and specs for the price, the 6gb of ram is also good for what I need.

I was also looking at this one but there's no specifications on a graphics card so I'm not sure about it:{Sony+Vaio+F}%2bc{420}%2b

All recomendations welcome, looking to buy one either tonight or tomorrow online.

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