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So, about a month ago, I started noticing little hiccups when using my computer. At first it seemed to be only in games and watching movies or playing music, but now it has spread to general usage. While I am doing something, the computer seems to freeze for a few frames. Sometimes it's just for a couple frames, sometimes a quarter of a second. I've tried reinstalling the Catalyst drivers, Realtek audio drivers, and that seemed to help for a few days, but now it's worse than ever! I really have no idea what the problem is. It might even be hardware-related, and if so sorry for putting it in this forum.
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  1. ok First: good A/V and up to date do a scan if you got any questions download MalWareBytes(it's free) and run mbam.exe,
    Second: open an command prompt (All Programs, Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator" ), in the cmd prompt type sfc /scannow see what happens,
    Third: post system specs and OS
  2. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    785gm-e65 mobo
    Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.6ghz
    4gb ddr3 1333
    WD green 1TB
    Radeon 5750 @ 820
  3. FWIW, I am seeing in the forums(AMD/ATI,THG) there is a odd problem with Win 7x64 and ATI 5xxx vid cards, although makiing the clicking sound is not one of the problem
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