Dual Monitor Display with ATI 9500+


I'm a little confused about the new ATI cards ability to run dual monitors. Specifically the 9500 and 9700 series (Hence the 9500+ :)

I currently have a Matrox G450 in my dev box running 2 monitors. I like this setup (dual monitors) for developing but I'd like to mess with DirectX now that DX9 is out and I can use .NET. Additionally, I'd like a better video card (one that has DX9 support).

Although, I can see that the ATI's support multiple displays, do they support 2 VGA outputs? Or is there an adapter that comes with them to convert the DVI to VGA?

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  1. comes with an adapter

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  2. If you get a retail boxed card, you get the DVI to VGA adapter. If you get an OEM card, you'll need to purchase it separately.

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  3. Yep, $6.50 IIRC for an adapter.

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