Geforce ti 4200 crashing my PC at startup

Hi all,
Upgraded my my old Geforce MX card to a new Ti 4200 (Leadtek A280TD) but my machine now crashes at various places throughout the boot sequence. Sometimes I get freezes after counting RAM, sometimes when initialising OS (Windows XP pro), or anywhere in between. Re-installed my old MX card and everything is hunky-dory again. Is it possible that the new card takes too much juice from the PSU (250)? Or am I missing something very obvious ? Nothing from Leadtek support helped (DUH, Support?)


Athlon 1Gig,284 Mb RAM, 2HDD, DVDROM, CDR/W, SB Audigy, and lots of USB peripherals

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  1. OMG!

    You're running with a 250w psu?


    Yes. That psu is dun. Spelled "D" "U" "N".

    Find you a halfway decent 400w psu and slap it in there.

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  2. dude,
    i'm an A+ certified tech. get yourself a 400+ watt.
    compusa has a gold plated dual ball bearing 400watt for $50. also go into your bios set up and make sure its set at 4x
  3. I agree on the power stuff - an Athlon with a Geforce 4, two hard drives and two opticals is sucking a lot of juice. Heck, my Athlon 1200, Geforce 2 Pro, with dual hard and optical drives smoked my 300 watt (which was replaced under warrenty).
  4. im running a gigabyte mobo with a AMD athlon xp 2600+ and two hard drives- WD 160gig 8meg cache and maxtor 40 gig 2meg cache along with a Hercules ATI RADEON 9700 pro running on a 320 watt psu at which is running full blast hot air out the back but i dont have money or time to buy a bigger psu. And I cant believe the psu is holding strong(cheap knock off one at that!)
    and im running two optical drives(dvd and cd burners)also along with two other pci cards and a two case mod lights. HOLY *BEEP* ive disconnected my dvd drive and the light for now but hopefully itll be ok for now.

  5. well.....if u have the GA 7VAXP MOTHERBOARD....JOIN THE CLUB, i had the same problem and just changed the card
  6. Have installed a new PSU (550 Watts) , installed the lates 4 in 1 drivers for my Via chipset.
    My computer still crashes when I insert my brandnew, but useless, piece of machinery.
    What a bummer !

    "There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't"
  7. Corell8899 I have a ga-7vaxp mobo but its running superb and eveything is scoring me at 13,978 before overclocking.

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