Basic Laptop for Email and Web Browsing HELP!

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to buy a cheap laptop for my dad for christmas. He will only be using it for email and basic web browsing, nothing fancy.

Looking to keep it under $400 if possible.

Resolution & hard drive size don't really matter. If anything he can barely see and will want to lower the resolution!

There will be no gaming on this laptop other than solitaire and facebook/flash games.

My main question revolves around the processor. I've noticed with the low budget laptops if your not paying attention you can get a lot of older model CPU's.

So can anyone recommend a good CPU to go for? Or will they all be fine for what this computer is going to be used for?

Intel Atom N570
Intel Pentium P6200
AMD E-350
AMD E-450
Intel Pentium B940
Intel Pentium B950

Any of these you prefer? Or any specific to stay away from?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Since your requirement is only for simple browsing and emailing, go for a 10.1" Netbook with Atom N570. These ones are pretty handy, light weight and easy to carry around. The only thing Netbooks lack is an optical drive. You could get one for around $225 or even less around Christmas.
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