Asus 17.3" G74SX-HBK7 with resolution 1600X900 or Asus 15.3 G53SW-XA1 with 1920

looking for a laptop for my son who wants to game and record his gaming. Want to buy a Asus but not sure which one to buy for the money. 17.3 has 1.5 TB harddrive, and 560M, rest being same or 15.3 with Geforce 460 with 500GB? For 1299.99 which one should I buy? Which one is newer? What about the resolution? Is it better to pick the one with the higher resolution?
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  1. The 17" has a better video card, which combined with the slightly lower resolution, means quite a bit better frame-rates.

    Some people don't like 1920x1080 on 15" screens due to being tiny (yes, I know it can be adjusted).

    Keep in mind these ASUS gaming machines are large for their screen-size (compared to most other laptops), and the power-bricks are huge as well. You might have your son weigh-in on what he's willing to carry around (unless it'll spend most of it's time as an immobile desktop replacement).
  2. thanks for your speedy response. Will go with the 17.3" since it is the better laptop and I doubt he will be carting this one around. Perhaps we would be able to get on it once in a while to do some internet browsing. Do you know if this laptop came out this year or last?
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    Since the G74SX-HBK7 is the 2630QM, it's from this year. This is still the current model (see a couple options on Just get the 8GB version, you can upgrade the memory further yourself for very low prices (and easy) later if needed.
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