Dell Inspiron 8600 questions

I would be very pleased if anyone could bring me the results of the Inspiron 8600 with GeForce Fx Go 5650 option in the following benchmarks:
-Aquakmark 3
-3D Mark 03

Thank you very much
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  1. **Sigh**

    ok, I will find aquamark3 and download and install.

    Look if you are wondering about the performance let me just
    tell you one thing.

    I have a desktop with a 64MB nvidia card
    and the 8600 blows it away, both with the 3dmark benchmarks
    and gameplay. I have renewed intersest in all my 3d games again, I can now play with graphics on full detail, and 1680 X 1050 resolution, amazing.

    I will post results shortly,

    Opel Superboss, now that was a car!
  2. Ok, here are the Scores

    My 8600 basic specs
    1.6 M Centrino Intel CPU
    128MB FXgo 5650 graphics
    60gig 7200 rpm hdd
    1600 X 1050 SXGA+ screen

    3D Mark 03 Pro
    1024X768 all default 3D Mark settings
    2691 3D Marks

    1024X768 all default settings
    13819 AquaMarks

    I hope this helps!

    ps, what do you think of the results?


    Opel Superboss, now that was a car!
  3. if you upgrade your video drivers, the scores will be higher. The only problem is that you have to rely on drivers not made by dell to do so. I'm running my own modded refrence drivers and saw a jump of like 400 pts in aqm3

    I'm a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Student, not English, nor will I ever claim to be.
  4. Yea I hear all sorts of tweaks and stuff. But for me
    just being able to say that my laptop gets more than double my desktop(64MB nvidia) performance, that makes me more than happy. Im not too worried about getting the addtional % OR 2 from tweaking etc etc, unless its as easy as installing the latest drivers ofcourse.

    Opel Superboss, now that was a car!
  5. "64MB nvidia" -what? nVidia... ? what model?

    Just it being 64MB doesn't make it better. I could have a 128MB Riva TNT, but my 16MB GeForce 2 MX is still going to perform better. Like, most often the 64MB GeForce 4 Go 4200 performs better in games than the 128MB GeForce FX Go 5650.


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  6. sorry, its 440 4 x agp
    sorry thats all i know,
    i always buy the cheapest 64mb card i can

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  7. 3d Mark 03 Update
    I have recently replaced my NVIDIA 128 fxgo 5650 with the
    ATI 9600 128 MB Pro Turbo and the results are not that much
    higher than I thought they would be. Although the main problem I was having is now fixed and I suppose the exchange was free and seing that I did get a performance increase I am happy. I was just surprised to see the minimal in my opinion of improvement.

    3d Mark 03 score ATI

    3d Mark 03 score NVIDIA


    Opel Superboss, now that was a car!
  8. Advice: Don't use 3DMark03 has a benchmark - it's really really dodgy. Rather use in-game benchmarks, like UT2003 or BF1942, and even 3DMark 2001SE if you need to. Aquamark is also a good test, but stay AWAY from 3DMark 03.

    Anyway, I'm sure you will notice an improvement in games at high detail/resolution.

    Thanks for the update ;)


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  9. <""Inspiron <b>8600 questions</b>"">

    why so many?

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  10. I'm thinkin about getting an 8600, i own an 8200 but with two batteries it weighs close to 4kg... hoping the centrino is as energy efficient as they say it is..but can anyone tell me how much the 8600 weighs with two batteries? i know with one its ~3.4kg. thanks
  11. The Secondary D-Bay Battery weighs 0.35kg. - so ~3.75kg.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  12. lol, I meant "questions", hehehe

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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