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I'm looking at the differences between a TOSHIBA L755D-S5347 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Notebook and a Acer Aspire AS5742G-6426 15.6" Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Notebook. I am a graduate student of physical therapy. I don't really need any fancy graphic design software, just good high speed and a lot of memory for storage of files, etc. Any recommendations?
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  1. Toshiba and Acer are both good, and those laptops are close in performance as well. The i3 and 520m is slightly better for a slightly higher price but you probably won't notice it's that small of a difference. The amd will have much better battery life if that matters.

    I don't think the op is doing anything intensive requiring a i7 and is probably looking at the $450 range. But it doesn't hurt to ask, what is your budget? Is this just for surfing?
  2. Toshiba is a best laptop; its features are different than any other laptop. You can buy this laptop with trust.
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