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I have a hp pavillion dv6700. The graphics chip, I have been told, has failed. Is it easy to replace and how much, roughly, would a replacement cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Just to make sure could you explain the symptoms?

    http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06a/12139188-78299199-78299212-78299212-78299212-81140084.html There are quite a bit of dv6700 series models, intel and amd, but I see a couple replacement boards at $65. Usually I wouldn't say to repair an old laptop as parts are rare and expensive but seems there was a motherboard recall so are quite a bit of replacement motherboards on the market. The graphics chip is integrated on the motherboard like pretty much every laptop so would need to replace the motherboard. How hard it is is dependent on your technical skills, it seems a bit more complicated than other laptop disassemblies. http://www.insidemylaptop.com/disassemble-hp-pavilion-dv6500-dv6600-dv6700-dv6800-notebooks/ Replacing a motherboard may require a call to microsoft to unlock your key.
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