What happen to my acer laptop no picture and sound

My acer laptop is having some problem,when I switch on,the screen has no picture and sound.Some of my friends say it is the monitor screen problem and some say it is the mother board or graphic card problem.Can you please help me and tell me what is the problem with my laptop.And how much does it cause to repair and where can I send it for repairs..Thank you.

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  1. Hi, to determine whether the problem is the monitor or the motherboard/gpu, connect an external monitor to your laptop. If external monitor works with no problem, your laptop monitor is at fault. If external monitor doesn't work, you have a motherboard/gpu problem.

    As far as where to send it to get fixed, if your laptop is still on warranty, contact acer for technical support. If it's out of warranty, find a local repair shop.

    As for the prices, a laptop screen problem is a relatively cheap repair, unless the LCD panel has been discontinued and there's limited supplies of it available. Motherboard/gpu issues are much more costly since in most cases the solution requires full replacement of the motherboard with all the components.
  2. Had it to one year ago on an acer aspire 5920g. You can send it for repair if you still got your 1 year warranty. I just bought a new laptop since i was out of warranty and didn't want to spend 200 bucks on a new screen.
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