Data transfer from External Hard Disk to Laptop

I want to transfer data from my Desktop Hard drive to my Laptop. Please let me know how to do this
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  1. Plug the drive in, open the drive from 'my computer,' find the file(s) you want to transfer, and then drag and drop. That's all there is to it.
  2. Unless you're planning to physically pull your HDD from your computer and put in into an external caddy with USB adapter you will need some other medium.

    a flash drive typically works well
    other options is to get an actual external hdd you can use it for backups later
    or you could also get a crossover cable, hook the two computers up and transfer files over lan

    or if you got a home network set up (wired or wireless will work) just share the folders you want to transfer to your laptop and copy them over the network to your laptop hdd
  3. Oh, I'm sorry, I misread the original post. I thought he'd said it was an external hard drive. AntiZig's recommendations are good choices. There are also cloud computing solutions like Dropbox if you're dealing with small amounts of data. You can use the following link if you're interested in dropbox:
    (yes it's the link that will give me extra space due to a referral, but it will also give those who use it extra space as well.)
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