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A friend offered me a used Nvidia Riva TNT2 (i don't know who is the board manufacturer) Agp 4x wich I've installed on my pentium II 233 with a Soltek 82440LX-ATX SL-66A motherboard (Bios ver.1.0) and 64mb of ram, it keeps locking up my system after little time of use, altough in that period of time i can run games like Half-life in good resolutions (1024-768) with good speed (i can run it at higher resolutions but game speed gets worse). After the lock up, when i restart the computer the motherboard starts making a lot of noise for 1-2 seconds and there's no image on the screen (black screen) then i have to take off the card and re-install it after a while. When I use my ATI 3D Rage Pro 4MB AGP 2X it runs perfectly but with bad 3d performance in games.

Could it be because my system should be running at least a 235-watt power supply (250-watt is preferred.) and is now running at 200 watt power supply?
I have the lastest drivers from nvidia for this card.
Having a look at the graphics card i saw that JP5 should be 1-2 for AGP 2x or 2-3 for Agp 4x, and it's in 2-3 with both points welded thogheter.
Could i "unweld" 2-3 and weld 1-2? Could this resolve the problem?
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  1. Have you checked what AGP speeds your motherboard officially supports, and whether there are any BIOS upgrades that might help?

    You might want to stick some extra RAM in your machine too. 64MB is nothing.

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  2. It could be the PSU. Can you borrow a more powerful one to try out before you buy a new one?

    It's more likely that your MOBO doesn't support AGP 4x, which your vid card is apparently set at. Check you MOBO manual to see if it does support 4x. A MOBO that old probably doesn't.

    I don't know how well the jumper is welded in, you might break something if you try to get it off. Be careful or you could permanently trash the card.

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  3. I dont think TNT2's are AGP 4x, if your trying to force it at this speed (is tgis pssible?) it would make it unstable.

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  4. Weren't there some TNT2 Ultra cards that were 4x capable?

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  5. I had the TNT2 Ultra, that was AGP2x/4x. Most likely answer is that the motherboard doesn't support AGP 4x, and the graphics card isn't getting the juice it needs.

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  6. Dude, are you saying that Britney Spears is ugly? WTF?

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  7. Yes, I am. And she should be gassed like a badger. But let's not sidetrack this thread.

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  8. I've got a system here with a TNT2 M64 that supports AGP4x. It's utterly useless on such a slow card, but it supports it.

  9. Probably it's the power supply. Lockups like the one you describe are almost always the power supply. I bet you added additional drives and maybe a sound card since you purchased your comp, right? The old 200-watter is straining under the load. Time for a new PS.
  10. When I switched from my old Ati rage fury to a Geforce 2 I had to totally reinstall windows because I had a driver conflict. But you could try uninstalling the old ati drivers before you install the nvidi card
  11. Try using <A HREF="http://download.com.com/3000-2086-8396416.html?tag=lst-0-1" target="_new">WCPUID</A> program to verify whether your chipset can support AGP4X or not. Then try to get rivatuner at <A HREF="http://www.guru3d.com" target="_new">guru3d</A> to change the AGP speed.
  12. OK, first of all, forget the morons who were talking about AGP2x and 4x, this has nothing to do with your problem. It's a heat problem. The noise you hear is probably an overheated fan. First thing I would do is check your video card if it has a fan, to see if the noise is comming from there. Then next time it locks up, put your finger on the graphics card heatsink and the CPU heatsink. If either is too hot to touch for more than a second, you've found your heat problem.

    It could also be your power supply overheating.

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  13. Less of the morons. You should know better.

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  14. ALL tnt2's were 4X agp.. unless you have a pci versoin (thought id say that for the slow ones ROFL)...

    yeah the dude is right.. sounds like a heat problemm.. those were hot little cards...
  15. Ok everyone, I thoroughly apologise for making the false statement that TNT2's were only 2x AGP compatible (I can see myself getting bummed for this for the rest of my life :eek: ).

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  16. I'd happily give you a good bumming right now.

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