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I don't know much about laptops/notebooks. I'm an artist and upload photos edit, dl programs sometimes from unsecure sites since it free ...( i take the chance.) I have a low income and willing to spend 450 max. I'm thinking of setting up a business not high end or fancy, just simple but definetly good for photos and imaging, no external harddrive unless it comes with it by chance free. I'm online alot, use word processors, and dl music. Not a gamer. Maine use will be for uploading photos, editing, web browsing, and possible keyboard recording and writing software. I do travel often, and would like a decent battery life, yet if the max is 3 hrs for the price thats fine. Durable, preferably on the lighter side, and not as susceptible to viruses. A decent laptop, that is not completley outdated or will be within the next yr...i'm comfortable with both apple and microsoft set ups...dont care what it looks like or if comes in silly colors.

I just don't want to be ripped off, and really don't have too much its a big investment for me at the moment.

thank you,

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