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Whats faster, GF2 Ultra or Nforce2 GF4mx?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 22, 2003 6:52:16 PM

My buddies looking for a motherboard for a new system, on the nforce2 is the geforce4mx provided going to be faster than the geforce 2 ultra he already has?
He'd get two sticks of 256mb crucial ddr333 memory for the board, I realize how important memory is to this question.. :-P

Thanks in advance guys!

Athlon 1700+, Epox 8RDA (NForce2), Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80GB 8MB cache, 2x256mb Crucial PC2100, Geforce 3, Audigy, Z560s
January 22, 2003 7:09:56 PM

according to <A HREF="" target="_new">these charts</A> the integrated gf4mx440 will be faster, i don't know if they've slimmed down the gf4mx card any so it could be included on the motherboard, [sarcasm] or if the list of features is as robust as ever[/sarcasm] lol
which motherboard have you found that uses the IGP northbridge for the chipset instead of the SPP? i've been looking for them but haven't found one yet
if they're making them, it certainly will give you slightly better graphics, just hope that the cost isn't a lot higher
if they are not yet making motherboards with the IGP northbridge, then no worries, you save money AND keep your old card, which performs almost as well anyway
the MCP-T southbridge is full of great features though, i would go for that one


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January 22, 2003 7:50:22 PM

personally im using the mcp version right now.. its the only one that was available at the time, and i have a audigy/gf3 already so i figured i didnt miss out on much.

i found the leadtek nforce2 igp at newegg for $140 shipped.. and supposedly in stock. its what i would get now if i was needing a nforce2 so what i suggested to him.
it does look like IMO a wash between the both.

thank you btw.

Athlon 1700+, Epox 8RDA (NForce2), Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80GB 8MB cache, 2x256mb Crucial PC2100, Geforce 3, Audigy, Z560s
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January 23, 2003 3:20:24 AM

Memory is the total answer, the Ultra will blow away the integrated card based on memory alone. In fact the GeForce4MX is a GTS (same chip as the ultra) with faster memory. This core is all about memory bandwidth.

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January 23, 2003 12:24:54 PM

I had the same question, so I got an MX440 to compare with my Geforce2 Ti. I was saddened by the results. The Ti killed the GF4MX440 when placed in my computer and optimized. Both cards were Visiontek, and both were operated under the same conditions. As far as IGP is concerned, the score should be even lower...
January 23, 2003 1:51:50 PM

yes the memory bandwidth of the system ram is much slower than that of a video card with dedicated vram.

the nforce2 chipset trys to counter this in a number of ways that i dont care to take the time to remember, but it will still be substantially slower i believe
January 25, 2003 3:55:36 AM

True, if youre going to use integrated graphics on the nforce 2 get good ram so you can oc and get some more bandwidth.
One question though, and THG mentioned this in their first hands on review w/the nforce 2s.. is the internal gpu connected via agp 4x or 8x? in this case you would definitely benefit from agp 8x.

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