which vid card is better for me??

Am building a new system and am having trouble deciding a few componets.Am looking at:
XP2100 (will upgrade to a 2800 when prices come down)
ASUS A7n8x Deluxe MB
2 sticks 256MB PC2700 Samsung ram
Lite on 16x DVD and a 48/24/48 CDRW
sony fdd
WD SE 80GB Hard Drive
Antec SX630II case with 350 PSU or Plus1080 with 430 PSU
For Video I was looking at the gf4 ti4200 128MB. I have heard they were not that stable and caused problems with older games?? So now Im looking at the ATI radeon 9500 pro 128 MB. Price difference between cards is about 47.00. I do play some games and use office applications. I am not an avid gammer nor do I get in to overclocking. I just want a stable system. Which is better the 9500 or the ti4200? So far I am around $930 for this setup depending on which vid card I use. Any thoughts or suggestions??
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  1. i've never heard of stability problems with the gf4 ti 4200
    if you're not an avid gamer then go with the cheaper of the two, the ti4200, and go for the 64mb version as well
    or for the radeon 8500 64mb (not LE for better performance, or for yet less performance, the LE)
    9500pro > ti 4200 > 8500 > 8500LE
    if you're not an avid gamer, i wouldn't spend the extra ~50 for a 9500pro, and again, i've never heard of the stability problems you mention, you'll be fine with it
    i personally have a PNY GF4, and have had no problems, other recommended brands are msi, leadtek, well really there are lots of them and i don't know of any major complaints against any, so imo go for the cheapest


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  2. Radeon 9500 Pro is the card to buy if you have money. If you don't, then buy GeForce4 Ti4200 64 MB. Spending extra money after the 128 money is complete waste of money

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