9500 Pro probs

I can boot into winxp just fine.. when I go to run games it will go to load them then just quit back to the desktop. I have Catalyst 2.4 installed 3.0 didnt help and I tried updating the bios and that didnt help. When I first installed it it ran fine even ran 3dMark2001. So I rolled back to where I was to begin with and it still does the same thing. Heres my system:
Antec 350 PSU
9500 Pro
512mb PC3200 Cas2
2 optical drives
2 HDDs
3 5.25 fans

Is it running out of power? or what? I just dont understand why at first after I installed it that it worked great.. and now after trying to tweak it some it just crashes all heavy graphics.
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  1. Hey!! I had the same problem but no one could help me!! But maybe I just figured it out, we have the same exact motherboard. I had to take my 9500pro back and stick with my Visiontek Ti4200. Every time I would load a game, it would load for a sec and then go right back to the desktop. My computer consists of

    Athlon 2200xp
    Gigabyte GA-7vaxp kt400
    512mb Mushkin PC2700
    Antec 350watt PS
    80gb WD HD
    120gb WD HD
    and now the TI4200 again

    So I think its a conflict with the motherboard and radeon card.

  2. Here is a link to my first post!!

    http://forumz.tomshardware.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=faq&notfound=1&code=1 Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=3months&Main=477583
  3. It definately sounds like a power problem. These types of problems used to be frequent on early AGP Socket7 boards and caused by the AGP slot not carrying enough current to power hungry cards like the GeForce 256 DDR and some models of TNT2 Ultra. I could take another shot at Antec, but I hear their power supplies are OK now.

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  4. Hey, their power supplies are good now! LOL
    I'm using an antec PSU with a full hardware config.....yes, including a 9700 Pro, and have no stability problems. Everything is OC'd too :tongue:
    Sorry, had to stick my 2 cents in, even if it didn't have to do with the top this time. :tongue:
  5. Well.. the 350W PSU Im using is the Antec "Smart Power" Power supply, aka NOT true power.
    * +5V and +3.3V combined output: 230Watts max.
    * +5V, +3.3V and +12V combined output: 330Watts max

    I think this is my problem here.. I cant even boot windows not because XP decided to lose a system file while I was narrowing down the problem. Im thinking about getting the 380W True Power Antec since its only $66 at googlegear.
    +5V, +3.3V & +12V maximum output 360 Watts max. <--def better.. I just hope its enough.

    Anybody else know where I can get a good power supply cheap (preferably 400W and up truepower)
  6. Hey Beefcake.. did you ever upgrade your bios on your board?? There is an ATI AGP card fix in one of them. I tried it and it didnt help me any though.
  7. If you want to make sure of the PSU look at this article, do the math & you can be sure it's the PSU or not. <A HREF="http://firingsquad.gamers.com/guides/power_supply/" target="_new">Here</A>
    That's not a bad PSU you've got.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  8. Ok.. according to that article my power supply should have plenty of power to the 3.3v and 5v.. but only 16A to the 12v.. but what I dont understand is why googlegear and antecs homepage both show different numbers for the same power supply. Their True Power have 18A 12v.. should that be plenty for the system?? Or does it need higher?
  9. I think the Smart Power should be enough as you said. I'd believe the Antec page, after all they make them. I'm running the 430w True Power. The big reason is the way it controls the fans in the case. Do you have a bunch of case fans running in your case?. That can tax the 12 v rail a bunch I understand. But electrical genus, I'm not. I used the article that I gave you to select the PSU I'm running. Matter of fact I went with the Antec 1080 AMG case. I felt that for the price of the PSU, the case wasn't that much more. Also I'm running the GF4 TI4600 & wanted the fan on the side door of the case for my vid card. 4600 builds a lot of heat gaming. Sorry I can't be more specific. I've built units with all the PSU's we've mentioned & found them to be plenty for those machines.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  10. Well hopefully it is the power supply and easy enough to solve, but I tried running the 9500pro without either of my cd/dvd drives hooked up to power and with only one harddrive running and the thing still crashed everytime I tried to open a game up, so I hope that my antec power supply can handle a 9500pro with only a harddrive, motherboard and video card hooked up.

  11. I'm running my 9500 Pro with a 250w PSU (compaq) with no problems except for a few graphical glitches a few weeks ago which a reboot fixed.

    pentium 4 1.7Ghz
    cd-rw drive
    dvd drive
    80GB maxtor HD
    ATI Radeon 9500 pro
    intergrated sound card/chip

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  12. I wish I was so lucky to get mine to work.. I think its the GA-7VAXP thats my prob.. so Im gonna try and get an nForce2 board that wont be the same(Asus). anybody recommend a good stable nforce2 board? Im thinking Epox since it is a good overclocker as well. Do you have to use 2 dimm slots or can you run it with just one?

    For Sale: Gigabyte GA-7VAXP $70 takes it home.. used for aprox 2 months works fine.. just wanna use a 9500 Pro damnit!!!
  13. Hey --

    I had similary problems, the problem for me turned out to be the AGP drivers I had installed from VIA, once I removed them everything was fine. =)
  14. My Mobo is a MSI K7T-Pro (Yes I know it belongs in a museum ;-) and my GPU is an ATI RADEON 7200 64MB SDR
    And I had the exact same problem but I don't believe
    believe it is a power (my PSU enermax 350W) issue
    not even a MOBO problem.

    My system ran fine for months the problem occured first
    when I updated my drivers to catalyst 2.4
    I believe it is a compatibility issue between the newer
    drivers and some kind of gameZ.
    Now I have the 2.3 catalyst installed and everything
    runs fine don't know though if the 2.3 supports the 9500Pro.

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