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I've got my new card (thank you for advice) and bought a Innovision Tornado GeForce4 MX 440 64Mb. One small problem, on the box of the vid card it states that it requires Windows 98 SE. I only have W98 old version on my PC.

Does anyone out there have the same card (GF4 MX440) and run the old version Win 98?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. The card will work, but there may be an issue with the drivers not installing or functioning correctly. Why dont you upgrade your OS?...geez...Win98 first edition was pretty bad.

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  2. I'm not wanting to spend too much more on this PC as I'm going to get a new one in the next 12 months, so don't want to buy a W98SE upgrade. I've got a full copy of W98SE but can't get it to upgrade my W98. I've posted in the Windows9x forum regarding this. Was just wondering if it will work if I can't get the Win98 issues sorted.

    Thank you for your response.
  3. FF&R (Fdisk, Format & Reinstall) That's how you install the 98SE. Be your bet bet. Start with a clean OS that way.

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  4. That sounds much too scarey for me to be doing. I haven't got a CD-RW so can only back up by zipping onto floppies. I don't fancy the idea of doing that with all the data files I've got.

    Besides the W98SE OEM disk I've got now which doesn't work with W98 on my system might not work if I've got nothing on my system. I probably wouldn't be able to put it all back together again.
  5. That's to bad. XP is the only OS I know that will upgrade a OS. It's also got a uninstall to go back to the OS you overwrote with XP. Even then I don't recommend doing that. I always do a clean install with an OS. If your not comfortable with it I'd stay away from it as you yourself said. Sorry

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  6. You could always re-partion your HD using Partition Magic or something similar, then shunt your data over to your new drive and it'd be safe.
  7. Using Win98 until 2004 is really crazy. Congratulations for having the nerve to do something like that.

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  8. You can upgrade to 98SE from an OEM disk, all you have to do is delete the registration files. I believe the last time I did this I simply deleted Win.INI.

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  9. Oooohhh - a possible solution!

    Crashman, please could you go into a little bit more detail as to how I would delete the registration files? Do I load into windows, go to windows explorer, take a copy of the win.ini file onto a floppy as a backup and then just delete the win.ini file from the windows directory? Do I just shut the PC down then and reboot with the CD-ROM? How can I check if the CD-ROM will work without windows?

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  10. I just answered in the other forum, but actually you can do all of this from Windows: Copy the Win98 directory from the CD to the C: drive and you won't need the CD for setup. Copy the Win.Com to the floppy and you won't need to mess with that later. Then you can boot off the floppy, "c:" to change to the C: drive, "cd windows" to change to c:\windows, and "del" to delete from the windows directory. Then "cd .." to go back to the root directory c:, "cd win98" to move to the folder you made c:\win98 earlier, and "setup" to run setup from that directory. If you get stuck and can't setup, you can get back to the windows directory by typing "copy a:\ c:\windows"

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