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I'm running a gigabyte 845PE mobo with the Abit siluro ti4200 and a sony trinitron 21" all new stuff. I have an identical setup with the exception of a leadtek ti4200. The system with the leadtek works fine, but the system with the Abit has terrible graphics quality. At all refresh rates (including 60Hz) and all resolutions above 800x600 the text is wobbly and window edges are snakey. What the heck is the deal. I have another system with the gigabyte 850E chipset, same monitor and the leadtek card. Leadtek card works ok (actually has other issues, system is unstable, don't know why...) but graphics look good. When added the Siluro to the 850E system, the warbly text and snaky window edges returned. Complete uninstall of old drivers, used the latest siluro drivers from Abit. Farted around with bios settings (including agp over voltage etc) to no avail.

Any one with ideas willing to share? Please let me know

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  1. For your problem on "text is wobbly and window edges are snakey", try openning the advance display properties at the Anti-alliasing tab, check the texture sharpening and it should fix it...

    What version of detonator are you using? I'm using Abit Siluro Ti4200 as well but I don't have any problem with it. The driver I'm using now is the 40.72. The newer driver gives poor performance. Going to try out the 42.51 and the 42.70 from <A HREF="" target="_new">Guru3D</A>.
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